Fish bolts

Fish bolts Fish bolts Fish bolts
  • M24x130, M24x140, M24x150 i M24x165 acc. to PN-86/K-80005
  • M20x90 acc. to DIN 5903-1

Clip bolts

Clip bolts Clip bolts
  • M22x72 and M22x65 acc. to PN-84/K-80001
  • bolts type Hs26 acc. to drwg log 40.3000
  • bolts type Hs32 acc. to drwg log 40.3001

Hexagon bolts for fastening sleepers

Hexagon bolts
  • M24x585 acc. to PN-88/K-80000

Square head bolts for railway turnouts

Śruby do rozjazdów kolejowych
  • M27x190, M27x220, M27x250, M27x290, M27x300, M27x360, M27x390 acc. to PN-86/K-80011


Goods are packed on wooden pallets, additionally banded or protected by foil, or  in sealed wooden boxes. Smaller items like: spring rings, washersUls6 are previously  packed in polypropylene bags. Any changes are made upon client’s request.